Should You Give Money To Your Thai Girlfriend Or Her Family?

My Girlfriend Paying Her Rent

In that state of affairs I knew I would not have cash for gas, however I wished to belief her. Certainly do not tie your vanity into getting the money again — that’s once once more relying on some motion from her in order to show your price.

Kiss the money goodbye, however any longer make your expectations clear from the outset, or just do not make the loan in any respect. I’m tempted to slide a voice recorder in my pocket the next time I see her, however I’m not sure if that would really show anything. As a scholar, I must say that this is absolutely appropriate.

When it involves money, nonetheless, she could easily present for all of her wants if she managed it successfully or if she would merely remember her pockets. The only reason she could not purchase her tablets with out my help is as a result of she purchased herself some new clothes a pair days before, understanding full nicely that she would need the drugs a couple days later.

$800 is a pretty big amount of cash relative to my revenue. The sex would possibly nonetheless be good, but you’re wasting her time. She and her boyfriend are each students, equally situated (i.e. poor). That is a problem, and probably symptomatic of another larger downside. The other method to look at this is to read only the tip of publish. He is asking her for cash now, as a result of he is a semi-poor pupil, and she or he is saying no. Pastabagel, it isn’t like she stole eight $a hundred bills out of his wallet.

Maybe buy a cheap one, and have her hold it stocked with some cash and her atm card; that means when she asks you for money, you can give her her own cash, and when she’s low on cash, you possibly can remind her to get extra. After speaking about my relationship issues with my therapist and making clear plans to go away the situation, I failed to take action repeatedly. So embarrassing that I stopped seeing the therapist because I didn’t need to face him. I’m lastly going back to see him next week, but I really feel like more of an fool for not seeing him than I would have when going through my errors. I additionally wished to deal with one thing you and iamkimiam mentioned in your posts. I even have seen a therapist earlier than and I have been very open with folks about this as a result of, you are right, there’s no disgrace in in search of such assist.

I make $8 an hour, working 16 hours a week, so it might take somewhat over a month for me to get that money back. However, some of you’re right in assuming that it’s not totally about the money. If the lady just isn’t worth the cash, neglect the woman too. what I was attempting to point out is that while the poster was willing to provide her a couple of bucks here and there, she is not willing to do the identical, even exterior the context of paying him back. The greatest part of this thread is that the original miser paid $5 to ask his query. In different phrases, there isn’t a disagreement between her an him. They both seem to agree that he should be paid back for these things.


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I stored quiet about the fact that an hour later I must experience my bike by way of the snow for 5 miles so I could go to work, because I knew how much she would enjoy the assembly. I discover it absurd that you’re difficult my masculinity because I don’t like someone benefiting from me and violating my trust. I know that I have been weak and failed to assert myself or leave the connection, but that has nothing to do with what I have between my legs.

The point is that short of physically forcing her to the ATM, the money’s all but gone. This goes to the “dump her” a part of my earlier argument. Now he has outright said that he is willing to trade in a 1.5 yr relationship for $800 cash.

Should Girlfriend Transfer In, Pay Mortgage?

I even have hoped that others around me may notice this. Unfortunately, I actually have to confess to making an extremely foolish mistake associated to my sessions.

I cannot imagine anybody not being somewhat annoyed by someone who takes no accountability for their very own actions and then presents you with a false choice about whether or not you’ll deprive them of medical care. That way you possibly can have your precious money, and she will be able to have an honest fucking man. I do not care if she stated she’d pay you back for it. You are an affordable, shitty person who clearly holds no love in any respect for this lady. I have had great problem refusing to lend her any money for numerous reasons, not least of which is that I did not feel comfortable refusing to provide her money for requirements like the $40 medicine she needed right away.

Look, you have no thought how a lot I’ve done for this woman because I wished us both to be pleased. Your story jogs my memory of the time two weeks in the past that I let her borrow my automotive to drive to a gathering she goes to for fun. She might’ve found a ride, however she simply assumed I would let her take my automotive and requested me at the final minute. I asked her to attempt to make other plans for the next week and let her take the keys.

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From the boyfriend, I acquired 10,000 again, but not with out a lot of ache and arguments. He in reality, lorded it over me, & used it as a way to control me. I will never obtain the remaining, & the worst half is, he earns a lot of money. “I bet it might be pretty interesting to seek out out the dollar amount of each poster’s most expensive mistake. Even though $800 IS a lot of money, you will really feel a helluva lot higher understanding that different’s classes value more.”

Let her go because you aren’t doing her any favors in sticking round and haranguing her about her debt. Let it go, recognize the lesson, move on, and look for a girl who has similar attitudes towards the intersection of money and romance. is that she is not providing to provide him any money. I assume there’s a massive difference between asking for a mortgage and asking for a gift. I would have been pleased to only buy the issues for the individual I was seeing, but she did not want to feel like a mooch. Your girlfriend sounds like she’s not solely willing to be a mooch, but additionally prepared to mislead you. The mendacity would trouble me, even when the mooching didn’t.

He won’t of course, and he shouldn’t anticipate that closure to come from her both. And you are defending this concept, by happening about how important it is for us all to grasp that it’s a first rate sum of money to him. now the connection has failed and as a substitute of viewing it as just the financial expense of a relationship, he is trying to tally it up and get the sums from her. I love that we all agree he ought to dump her and kiss the money goodbye, but we’re arguing over tangentials like “motivation” and “gift vs. mortgage” and different intangibles that finally don’t matter.